Scanian Mustard

from Petersborgs Gård

Mustard Pesto


Mustard ’Starke Hans’ (Strong Hans)
is mustard with a strong, distinct taste.
Goes well with sausages, smoked chicken, and is suitable for could sauces and dressings.

Mustard ‘Jättestark’ (Extremely strong)
is coarse-grained mustard, made from brown mustard seeds. Demerara sugar defines the taste. ‘Jättestark’ goes well with spicy sausages, like e.g. chorizo.
’Dischång’ Mustard
is our Scanian equivalent of the French Dijon mustard and is good cooking mustard, for sauces and dressings, and of course as a condiment.
’Korva senap’ Mustard
is smooth, mild and sweet, perfect to use with various types of sausages, and is also an excellent base for the spicy ‘Hovmästarsås’, the Swedish sauce to complement gravlax.
Mustard ‘Stark & söt’ (Strong & sweet)
is somewhat coarse-grained, rather strong and sweet, the perfect partner för hot dogs and barbeques.
’Whiskey senap’ Mustard
is strong mustard with a defined whiskey flavour. Spread it on a slice of ham and bread, and you are in sandwich heaven.
’Senap’ Mustard
is an old-fashioned kind of mustard with a strong mustard flavour. Good for cooking, sauces and dressings. Low sugar contents.
‘Lavendelsenap’ (Lavender Mustard)
is mustard with a twist! The sweet, flowery taste of lavender makes this mustard an unexpected but very good complement to chocolat or smoked meat.
’Äppelsenap’ (Apple Mustard)
is medium strength mustard. Apple juice gives a sweet taste with a touch of acid. Apple mustard goes well with sausages, and is perfect to make a ham sandwich into something truly delicious.
’Senapsdressing’ (Mustard dressing)
is a dressing with a rich taste of herbs. Perfect with salads, or as a cold sauce with smoked salmon.
’Senapsolja’ (Mustard Seed Oil)
is cold pressed oil, made from mustard seeds. The flavour is crisp and fruity, and the oil has a healthy combination of fatty acids. It contains 11 % Omega 3. Mustard oil is perfect for vinaigrettes, dressings, for cooking, frying and baking. Despite the name and origin this oil has no hint of mustard flavour!